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‚ÄčRestoration and Performance Inc.

Bulldawg Musclecars offers a wide range of automotive restoration and performance services, at reasonable prices. We specialize in modifed builds, where increased performance, reliability, braking and handling are emphasized. Late model EFI engine and overdrive transmission swaps are often a part of these buildups, but we also enjoy building more traditional hot rods, and pure restorations. 

We are a full service shop, and can handle every aspect of a

rebuild in house, using our own staff and a select network of specialists, to ensure that the finished project meets our...and your...high standards of quality.  We can help with virtually any automotive project: late models, street rods, traditional rods, muscle/sports cars, Corvettes, etc. Let us help you make that classic vehicle or hot rod gathering dust in your garage into a dependable, safe vehicle that you can drive and enjoy! 

Check out our Projects page for cars we are working on and for cars offered for sale!