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About Bulldawg Musclecars

Bulldawg Musclecars
503 Commerce Park Drive, Suite I Marietta, GA 30060
Phone: (770) 570-7960

Joe Hinds, the founder and owner of Bulldawg Musclecars, has been restoring and modifying cars for over 25 years.
 In 1984, at the age of 15, Joe began the search for his first car. Like most teenagers,he had a limited budget, and rather than the typical high school beater, he bought a red metallic 1957 Chevy BelAir Sport Coupe, for $2500. At the time, he had no idea what he was getting into. The car was driveable, and looked good, but needed lots of work. With the help of two very patient countermen at Lamar Auto Parts, his dad, and a few other friends, Joe learned how to fix his own car, and by the time he graduated from high school the '57 had undergone a complete on-frame rebuild. The car had a fresh 327 with a 350HP L-79 cam, a Borg Warner Super T10 4 speed, 3.70 gears, and modern amenities such as power disc brakes, power steering, tilt, and air conditioning. 
Through working on his own and his parents' cars... a 1963 Nova SS, a 1963 Impala convertible, 2 1986 Regal T-Types, a Datsun 280Z...Joe further honed his skills, while getting a BBA in Marketing from the University of Georgia and serving in the Army National Guard.He also started working on cars, including another '57 Chevy, an early 60's Jaguar, and a couple of '65 Mustangs, for friends and relatives.
After a brief stint as a stockbroker, Joe worked for 2 of the industry's leading parts suppliers, Year One and Mustangs Unlimited, where his love of cars was broadened and intensified. In 1999,he started a part time business while working for Year One, called Bulldawg Motorsports, which specialized in modifications for late model musclecars such as LT1 and LS1 powered Camaros, Firebirds, and Corvettes;Buick GNs; and 5.0 Mustangs. His career turned back towards financial planning and brokerage in the early 2000s, but his heart wasn't in it. 
Finally, in 2009, Joe took all the knowledge and experience gained working in the restoration and performance industry and founded Bulldawg Musclecars. He put his marketing degree to use, and soon was working on hot rods full time out of his home shop. During that first year, Joe began building a loyal clientele, and began assembling a team of talented car builders with the same vision and high standards. In November of 2010, Bulldawg Musclecars moved into its new home in Acworth, GA, which it quickly outgrew, and the replacement shop was outgrown a short time later. In April of 2013, Joe moved the company to its current location in  Cartersville, GA. 

Joe is also the author of CarTech/SA Design's "GM G-Body Performance Upgrades",  which came about due to work on "Project Grocery Getter". Joe is currently working on another writing project for CarTech, which covers GenIII Hemi engine swaps. This book will be finished in late 2016.